SMS touch

SMS touch

Quick Start

To enter the mobile number of your recipient, tap the field next to the To: label. Press the Add Contact button (the button with the '+' sign on it) and choose your recipient from your selection of Contacts. You can also directly enter a mobile number here (in International Format, see below) .

SMS touch

The large white space below the To: label is the area to enter your SMS text.

Below the text message field is a small toolbar. Here you have, from left to right:

The Location button allows you to insert a Google Maps link in your SMS text message. Please first use the Update Location button to first get a fix on your current location.

The Text Size button allows you to quickly change the size of the SMS text. You can choose: Normal, Large and Extra Large.

The Settings button, which is located at the top left on the screen, explains how to configure the SMS touch app.

Please use Apple's Settings app to configure the preferences of SMS touch.



Launch the Settings app, scroll down to see all entries and select the SMS touch entry. You will then see this screen:


Using this screen you can configure various preferences.

Receiving Replies

Set the preference Enable Replies to On. You can receive replies either on your mobile phone or your email address. Use the preference Reply Method to set this preference. Select Mobile if you want to receive replies on your iPhone. Please also enter your mobile number and select your country. Select Email if you want to receive replies on your email address and also enter the email address where you want to receive the replies. This option is especially useful for iPod touch users, since an iPod touch is not a mobile and cannot receive SMS text messages.

If you want to use an Alphanumeric Sender ID, set the preference Enable Replies to Off.


To receive delivery reports by email of your SMS text messages, enable the preference Delivery Reports.

International format

Please enter the mobile number of your recipient in international format. The international prefix is the '+' character combined with the country code. Examples:

SMS touch also supports the 00 and 011 sequence instead of the '+' character.

SMS touch will automatically add the international prefix when the mobile number you select from a Contact does not yet have the international prefix.

SMS Length

A standard SMS can contain up to 160 characters. If you go over that limit, it will become a Long SMS and you will be charged another SMS for the next 160 characters.

Customer Support

You can reach customer support (for questions and feedback) at:

Home Page

The web site of SMS touch is at:

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