SMS touch text messaging for iOS

Version 5.2


iPhone or iPod touch or iPad

SMS touch

SMS touch is a text-messaging app with global coverage. That means you can send an SMS to mobiles (cell phones) in 820 mobile networks in 220+ countries for a flat rate of just ten cents (no roaming or international charges). Works over 3G, 4G and WiFi.

With your current mobile plan, you probably pay upwards of 60 cents for an international SMS text message. SMS touch charges you a flat rate of 9 cents, so you will recover the purchase cost of this app very quickly.

SMS touch is also useful for iPod touch users. It will turn your iPod touch into a text-messaging device in any WiFi zone.

The Templates features allows you to reuse often used text messages. Using the Favorites feature you can quickly select one of your favorite recipients.

No commercials are tagged to your message, the entire message (all 160 characters) is yours.

We take customer support of SMS touch very seriously and we are able to track the delivery status of each SMS. Most important of all, you yourself will also be able to check the delivery status of each SMS you send. You can configure the app in such a way that you will receive Delivery Reports by email of each SMS that was delivered. You can also receive a email copies of each SMS you send.

You can buy SMSs through the App Store via In-App Purchase in bundles of 10, 100, 500 or 1000 SMSs.

SMS touch supports:

- Standard SMS

- Long SMS (concatenated SMS of up to 3 SMSs)

  1. -Unicode SMS (Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian characters etc.)

  2. -Multiple Recipients

  3. -Alphanumeric Sender ID

- Push Notifications

- Delivery Reports

- Email Copies

- Favorites

  1. -Templates

- Landscape orientation mode

  1. -Large SMS Text Size (Optional)

  2. -Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion

  3. -Add Google Map link of your location (Optional)

  4. -VoiceOver